Visual comfort provided in the nighttime and daytime, high performance modern technical equipment concreted with classical and simplificative design, energy efficiency that distinguished with LED and special optic system design…

About Project
Outlet Center Izmit, the first outlet in Turkey, is built on 144 acres of land and has a free parking area of ​​2.500 cars and a rentable area of ​​28.777 m2. Outlet Center Izmit, which operates with cafés & restaurants, entertainment areas and 55 factory outlets owned by Turkey”s leading companies, offers advantageous and pleasant shopping opportunities with more than 200 brands in its scope all year.

Outlet, designed in an open-air concept with wide shopping corridors and a square, continues to operate by renewing under the renovations project in 2015. Lighting renovations have been achieved by using decorative 9301 LED luminaires to provide better visual comfort, especially with regard to energy efficiency. It was aimed to provide an integrity between the retro design of the luminaires used and the architectural structure of the Outlet Center when designing the project concept. Led technology with optical structure and high performance efficient technical qualifications have come forefront developing classic design of the luminaires in the project.

Besides providing adequate lighting level along the walkways with Trilux 9301 LED luminaires which are located as canopy of all shopping corridors, in the same time, visual comfort has been prioritized with low glare values. Product design has been chosen to have a classic in accordance with the design of the shopping center. Through LED light and latest technology, it is ensured the integrity of modern identity of the project. During daytime with retro style of lighting luminaires that are part of a harmonious architecture and during nighttime its 3000K warm white light color enables visitors to spend more comfortable time.

On the wall surfaces, the Trilux 9301 LED WB with special wall brackets was used to capture the integrity of the project concept. Within the scope of the project, 200 pieces of 9301 LED luminaires under the canopies and 20 pieces of 9301 WB wall mount brackets were used.

About Products
9301 Trilux series, which is the series of decorative landscape lighting luminaires with appropriate mounting accessories, wall, pole-top or suspended mounting options. Products stand out with LED and conventional light source options and decorative design options for public spaces, parks, gardens, walkways, buildings outside, building walls and more outside lighting applications. Due to high efficiency multi-lens technology and optical structure it has symmetric or asymmetric wide-angle distribution options. Depending on the technical criteria of the project, optical structure is completed with high impact-resistant PMMA opal or PMMA transparent diffuser options. LED module and driver module can easily be changed independently from the body section; offers ease of maintenance and installation. Trilux 9301 series, with cast aluminum housing, IP65 high protection class and LED light color options (3000k, 4000K) is an ideal solution for environmental lighting with its classic and simplificative design.

Project Summary
Place: Izmit, Kocaeli / Türkiye
Year: 2015-2016
Customer: Outlet Center Izmit - Bayraktar Gayrimenkul Geliştirme A.Ş
Electric Instellar & Project: EREL Mühendislik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Lighting Design: Sisel Müh. Elk. San. Tic. A.Ş | Endalight | Trilux Türkiye
Luminaires Used: Trilux 9301 LED,Trilux 09300K-WB.

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