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The websites and all the linked pages (“site”) are the property of and operated by SİSEL Mühendislik Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Sisel) located at Yukarı Dudullu Şerifali Mh. Barbaros Cd. No:18 Ümraniye/ISTANBUL.

All the contents and information published by Sisel at this site are protected with the following terms of use. All the user surfing or utilizing the site shall be considered to have accepted those terms of use.

The relationships of the site members with each other or with third parties are their own responsibility.

1. Responsibility for the Site Contents

The site is published to enable the users to gain information about the Sisel products administration services. The site contents are constantly checked and updated. Sisel may make changes to the site contents at any time without any announcements or warnings. Continuing to use the site means that the said changes have been accepted. Sisel does not assume any responsibilities for the changes made to the site.

2. Responsibility for the Provided Links

Sisel may include, from time to time, links to other sites, which it considers useful and related to the site contents, in its site. Sisel is not responsible for the content, the risks, and the personal and/or general data they collect of the sites it provides a link for (and for the contents and risks of the sites such sites provide links for). The provided links do not mean that Sisel approves of these sites.

3. Responsibility of the Users

All the risks and responsibility arising from the use of the site belongs exclusively to the user.

Although Sisel tries to protect all its systems and software including its content against computer viruses and similar malicious software and programs, Sistel is not responsible for the computer viruses and similar malicious software and for the damages to the computer and the system that might occur as a result of visiting this site or downloading material from this site.

The users cannot made additions or changes to the site content. The users accept and undertake not to hack the site, not to access the site via methods like virus, Trojan, etc., not to engage in illegal actions that break down the systems, not to produce and share, in their activities in the site or at any section of the site or in any of their communications, contents which are contrary to general moral and traditions and law; are damaging to 3rd parties' rights; are misleading; encourage violence; are aggressive, racist, provocative, obscene, pornographic; damage personal rights; are contrary to copyrights; and encourage illegal activities. In the case that one of the abovementioned incidents occur or that access to the site is prevented via unlawful methods, Sisel reserves the right to remove the content in question, to prevent access to the site temporarily, to take legal actions, and to claim compensation from the perpetrators of such actions.

Sisel assumes no responsibility for the damages that other site users or 3rd parties may suffer as a result of the abovementioned actions whatsoever.

4. About the Site Content

The site content is not intended to meet the requirements of any one person, enterprise, and a third party.

The information, photographs, designs, etc. contained in the site content are information of general nature and do not constitute a commitment.

The site content does not constitute a contract between Sisel and the site users.

No warrantees are made regarding the prices, performances, and specifications of the products or services.

The site content is not necessarily complete or accurate and is not a opinion or a recommendation. All the responsibility to arise from the works and actions that the user shall engage in using the information from the site belongs to the user and Sisel assumes no responsibility therefrom.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The owner of all the site contents is Sisel.

All the registered or non-registered intellectual property rights included in the site such as titles, enterprise names, brands, patents, logos, designs, information, and methods (including copyrights and neighboring rights) belong to and shall continue to belong to Sisel. The site content cannot be used outside the limits specified in terms of use.

Users may download or copy the site content to their computers for personal use. This permission is valid for all situations where all the references, copyrights, or ownership information related to the downloaded or copied content are preserved. Users have to incorporate such information to any copies they obtained from the site content.

The site content (database, pictures, texts, icons, audiovisual and similar images, video clips, files, designs, catalogues, lists, etc.) cannot be distributed, marketed, reprinted or used for any commercial purposes by the users. In cases where the users perform any of the abovementioned acts, Sisel reserves to take legal action against third parties and enterprises.

Nothing contained in the site content does not grant the user to use Sisel's intellectual property rights.

6. Invalidity of any of the terms of use

In the case that it is determined one or more of the provisions of the terms of use is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid. The provision determined to be invalid or unenforceable shall be changed with a valid, enforceable provision that is the closest to the purpose of the original provision.

7. Non-waiver

The failure by Sisel to enforce any part of these terms of use does not mean that Sisel has renounced (waivered) from its right to enforce these terms of use. Only the explicit and written disclaimers that are signed by an authorized representative of Sisel are legally valid.
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