• Wide range power supply

  • Wide range operating temperature range

  • DIN form B sensor head mounting

  • Protection against cross-connection

  • Galvanic isolation (1500 VDC) for model ECTC-TR-I

  • Economic solution with model ECTC-TR

  • USB configuration with USB/UART converter cable

  • No external power supply required for configuration

  • Easy-to-use Windows configuration software CoNi01

  • Selectable input (Pt-100, 10 type of T/C)

  • Temperature linear output 4 to 20 or 20 to 4 mA

  • Sensor Error Level can be adjusted for highest accuracy

  • Filter Timing constant can be adjusted

Environmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature-40...85 ºC
Protection DegreeIP00
Electrical Characteristics
Power SupplyECTC-TR: 8...36V DC
ECTC-TR-I: 10...36V DC
Output4-20mA, 20-4mA
Line ResistanceThermocouple: 10Mohm
Resolution16 bit
Sampling Rate100ms
Thermal run-away< ±100ppm / ºC
IsolationECTC-TR-I: 1500V DC galvanic isolation
Memory100 years, 100.000 update
Response Time0.2...120s
InputsPt-100 resistance thermometer -200...840 °C
J thermocouple -200...1120 °C
K thermocouple -200...1360 °C
L thermocouple -200...900 °C
T thermocouple -200....400 °C
S thermocouple -40...1760 °C
R thermocouple -40...1760 °C
B thermocouple 60...1820 °C
E thermocouple -200...840 °C
N thermocouple -200...1300 °C
U thermocouple -200...600 °C
Output Accuracy< ±0.2%
DimensionsDiameter: 44 mm, Height: 20 mm
WeightApprox. 40g (after packaging)
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