• 2 outputs for right and left rotation

  • ton right-left rotation time can be adjusted

  • toff contact output’s relay off state time can be adjusted

  • 6 different timing units (S, 10S, M, 10M, H, 10H)

  • Rail mounting

  • Screw-terminal connection

  • CE marked according to European Norms


Environmental Conditions
Ambient/Storage Temperature0...50 ºC / -25...70 ºC
Relative Humidity80% relative humidity for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C
Protection DegreeAccording to EN 60529, IP20
HeightMax. 2000m
Electrical Characteristics
Supply90-250V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz or 24V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz or 24V DC ±10%
Power ConsumptionMax. 10VA
External ConnectionsScrew-terminals
ScaleAdjustable between 0 and 1
Reset TimeMax. 0.04s
AccuracyMax. 0.2% fault depending on supply voltage
Max. 4.5% fault when setting set value
Max. 1% fault depending on temperature effect
Control Outputs OUT1, OUT22 Relays: 250V AC, 10A (for resistive load), NO+NC
Life ExpectancyMechanical 10.000.000 operations (under no load), Electrical 50.000 operations (10A at 250V AC, resistive load)
Control Output StateOUT2 LED lit when OUT1 relay is turned on, OUT2 LED lit when OUT2 relay is turned on. OUT1 and OUT LEDs flash during toff time
Timing Functionton: ON duration for OUT1 and OUT2 Relays, toff: OFF duration for OUT1 and OUT2 relays
Timing UnitON and OFF time durations can be selected as, second, 10 seconds, minute, 10 minutes, hours and 10 hours on device
Mounting MethodTH35 rail mounting
DimensionsW18xH90xD66 mm
WeightApprox. 90g (after packaging)
Enclosure MaterialSelf extinguishing plastics
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