Environmental Policy

In the production activities of heat control devices, time limit relays, digital potentiometers and turnover speedometer devices as its work area, Sisel has accepted to give priority for the environment being affected at the minimum rate and the pollution being kept at minimally as the principle of the company. Within the framework of the opportunities supplied by the manufacturing and R&D budgets, to use the most ergonomic material and technology, and by supplying continuous improvement for environmental control and pollution prevention in every new project, and leaving an environment which will supply a better life quality to the next generations, it is an important part of the quality policies of our company related to the environment. Within the framework of this policy, Sisel has determined its general company targets in the environmental area.

1. Compatibility with laws and regulations

Sisel; examines the environmental regulations concerning legal and other conditions in its projects committed.

2. To produce natural resources

Sisel; provides the optimum usage and prevention of natural and other resources in its methods and activities being applied in its all commitment works.

3. To keep wastes and emission under control

By keeping under control of the solid and dangerous wastes to occur and the emission to arise, Sisel maintains their environmentally effects at the minimum for its conducting projects and for the settlements under its responsibility.

4. Consciousness-raising and participation

As well as consciousness-raising of its own employees and charged sub-contractors about environment, Sisel develops the protection of environment and their participations for environment in coordination with the employer, supplier and other stakeholders.

5. Prevention of environmental pollution

Sisel; reduces the pollution risks and prevents the spreading of the probable pollution which can affect the environment in a negative manner with systems and methods to be applied by itself. Dimensionally, for the performance of our environmental policies in whole and complete form, our company’s participation does not only necessitate its employees, but also all suppliers and collaborators. Resting upon these bases, Sisel is responsible to correspond to environmental regulations in its all projects and activities totally and systematically, and to take required measures for this.
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