We are illuminating Osmangazi Bridge

İzmit Körfez Bridge is illuminated with Trilux ... The opening of the Bridge that is the 4th biggest brige in the world has been completed. Special project solutions have been provided for the technical lighting needs of the project ...

Third Bosphorus Bridge

3rd Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) is illuminated by Trilux. Special technical lighting solutions has been provided for the project which is the widest suspended bridge in the world with its features...

Natural Life and Light

Starting point of view regarding the design of tunnel and underpass lighting applications...

Izmit Outlet Center LED Renovation Project

Visual comfort provided in the nighttime and daytime, high performance modern technical equipment concreted with classical and simplificative design, energy efficiency that distinguished with LED and special optic system design…

Trilux Lunexo LED - Individual Light

The TRILUX Lunexo LED writes a new chapter in office lighting. Maximum light comfort and individual setting options make the luminaire ideal for highly different needs and situations.

Trilux Akademie

The world of work is transforming – new technologies and trends and primarily digitalisation are leading to changed work processes and products. This also affects the market for light.

Industry 4.0

With the impact of Industry 4.0, in the manufacturing process, smart factories continue to influence many economies and industries.

Awarded Trilux Indoor Lighting Products

Professional indoor lighting design keeps its excellence timelessly...

Awarded Trilux Outdoor Lighting Products

Outdoor lighting design creates desirable scenes and atmospheres during day-and-night time…

Trilux Efficiency Calculator – Simplify Your Light

Accurate planning, comparison and evaluation of lighting systems within the complexity of LED transformation process…

Different Applications for Industry, Right Solutions

Light for Industry - Different application areas require different and project-specific solutions. The most important requirements for lighting solutions must be checked.

Smart City Meets Smart Lighting

Smart city with Trilux customised, innovative smart lighting solutions.

Lighting for Sport Fields

Lighting design and management for sport areas/stadiums/courts/arenas is that requires specific solutions depending on the type of sport activity, class and viewers.