Shop and retail lighting systems are developing with the requirements of the modern age; innovative technologies and impressive designs can benefit both manufacturers and consumers. As in many other areas, the LED light source has come together with different technologies in this field and it has brought a different perspective to classical lighting solutions.

The fascinating power of light can now create special atmospheres by combining the right light at the right time with “Human-Centric Lighting Systems”

Innovative lighting solutions with “LED IQ”
can create different lighting effects by changing light intensity and color as well as providing low energy consumption. Intelligent systems can add value to designs through a concept of energy efficiency
rather than just a consumption concept.

Right lighting is a decisive factor for displaying products remarkably; however, proper lighting can be effective as long as it is sustainable. That's why Trilux aims to bring together all the advantages of innovative systems in its lighting solutions for stores and retail outlets. For intelligent solutions that provide high color rendering, efficient light spectrum, low heat, fading avoidance and low energy consumption, and for more information...

Continous Lighting System Solutions (C-line, Eline...)

Lighting Management daha fazla bilgi için...

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