Lighting design and management for sport areas/stadiums/courts/arenas is that requires specific solutions depending on the type of sport activity, class and viewers.

Spor alanları için ışık kullanımı ve yönetimi, spor aktivitesinin türüne, kategorisine, izleyici kitlesinin var olur olmadığına bağlı olarak projelere özel çözümler gerektiren bir iştir.

The requirements for lighting solutions in sport areas must be thoroughly analyzed and the solutions must be provided according to these requirements. Spor alanlarındaki aydınlata çözümleri için şartlar ve gereklilikler mutlaka iyi analiz edilmeli ve bu gerekliliklere göre çözümler sunulmalıdır.

Lighting is one of the most important parameter for doing sport activites to watch those events.

All of these reasons require that some standards. A wide range of standards and regulations must be considered when designing and installing lighting systems for sport areas. The most common one is EN12193- European standard that deals with sports lighting to ensure good visual conditions for players, athletes, referees, spectators and CTV transmission.

EN 12193 defines requirements based on the lighting class (I, II, or III). This is derived from the level of competition, international and national, regional, local, training and recreational.

The second one and the most common known standard is Intenrational Football fields lighting standards of FIFA. The FIFA directive for lighting has published in force since mid-2011, an comprehensive booklet about these standards.

Football is probably the most popular from of entertainment in the world. And lighting plays a key role in football events. So FIFA works for that all the times players and fans must be able to enjoy optimum visual conditions without glare. Then FIFA published a well-comprehensive guide for lighting of footbal fields.

TRILUX lighting systems feature high levels of energy efficiency. Trilux lighting offered high levels of energy efficiency solutions in Europe and Turkey.

Trilux lighting systems offer impressive and highly efficient designs for lighting needs in sports fields especially in Europe and Turkey.

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