ET1124 is the new controller by ENDA for control panels in process control applications.

New modular controller has order option thermocouple or PT-100 sensor inputs. Slim-line unit covers 4 built-in PID control outputs for heating applications for saving space and wiring less.

Setting up the ET11XX and programming it by ENDA Modbus Studio is possible. All inputs and outputs can be read over the Modbus communication interface, PLC, HMI and ECON-485 converter by PC. The software package features a user-friendly tool in which all parameters are at your fingertips, ready to be configured.

Designed to offer outstanding control performance in a compact DIN rail package the ET1124 provides a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications: such as plastic manufacturing, packaging machinery and food processing applications requiring precise heat control and process protection alarming.

Users can read and adjust temperature values from ENDAs' EMM9510 programmable indicator over RS485 on a wide TFT screen up to 10 addresses. Process values can be controlled from colorful TFT screen by reducing the workload of writing HMI software.

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