Trilux 930-931
  • 930-931, side-bracket mounted luminaire features a classic and timeless form. The wide range of lamp possibilities enables flexibility of use. In addition to traditional lamp technologies, roads are bathed in new light thanks to modern LED technology. The series 9301 K is predestined for use with low mounting heights and complements its big brother to become a complete family with reliable technical features.

Luminaire Type
DescriptionDecorative side-bracket-mounted luminaire
Application AreasCollection roads, Residential roads, Low-traffic roads, Pedestrian zones, Arcades, Passages, Paths in parks and green areas, Residential facilities, Stairs, Access areas, Car parks
Mounting MethodsBracket or wall mounting
Optical System
OpticsOptical system with Multi-Lens Technology / PMMA opal or clear cover
Light DistributionAsymmetrical wide light intensity distribution / Symmetrical wide light intensity distribution
LED System - Light Source
Light SourceLED technology / Fluoresant / HST, HIT conventional light sources
Luminous FluxVariable depending on light source
Connected LoadVariable depending on light source
Luminous EfficiencyVariable depending on light source
Service LifeLED L80(tq 25 °C) = 80,000h / Variable depending on light source
Light Colour3000K / 4000K
Colour Rendering IndexRa > 70
HousingLuminaire body of corrosion-resistant aluminium
Housing Options604x402mm (QxH) (930) / 733x430mm (QxH) (931)
AccessoriesMounting accessories
Electrical Version
Electrical VersionET / ETDD / LR
Certificates Standards
Protection RateIP65
Safety ClassClass II
Impact Resistance
CertificatesCE, ENEC VDE
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