Trilux Estadia
  • Estedia, Reliable and powerful decisive attributes of the ESTADIA that are reflected both in the manufacture and the design of the wide-beam floodlights with extremely asymmetrical light distribution. The functional style reveals a clear commitment to absolute performance, while the formal reduction to essential attributes lends the ESTADIA its self-assured look. In line with the design guideline form follows function, the form of the ESTADIA delivers a minimalist, sophisticated design with a reduced area exposed to wind and light pollution in addition to good glare limitation.

Luminaire Type
DescriptionAsymmetrical floodlight
Application AreasStadiums, sport facilities, Building sites, Harbour facilities, Shipping facilities, Storage locations, Container areas, Power stations, Accent lighting
Mounting MethodsFixing bracket of galvanised steel, steplessly adjustable, for vertical and suspended mounting of floodlight
Optical System
OpticsOptical system of reflection-intensifying anodised aluminium
Light DistributionAB asymmetrical wide-angle, vertical distribution 65° / AM asymmetrical medium-wide-angle, vertical light distribution 65° / AT asymmetrical narrow-angle, vertical light distribution 65°/ AN asymmetrical close vicinity, vertical light distribution 40°
LED System - Light Source
Light SourceMetal halide / sodium lamp light source
Luminous FluxVariable depending on light source
Connected Load600W / 1000W / 2000W
Luminous EfficiencyVariable depending on light source
Service LifeVariable depending on light source
Light ColourVariable depending on light source
Colour Rendering IndexVariable depending on light source
HousingFloodlight housing of welded sheet aluminium and back cover on rear of cast aluminium
Housing Options
AccessoriesMounting accessories / ballast, capacitor
Electrical Version
Electrical VersionLLCG / WZ hot hot re-ignition option
Certificates Standards
Protection RateIP65
Safety Class
Impact Resistance
CertificatesCE, ENEC VDE
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