Trilux 884
  • 884, constructional architecture does not stop with the outer facade but continues with the building surroundings. During daytime the new TRILUX LED bollard luminaire 8841 emphasises the design of the outdoor area, while during twilight and in the evening its excellent illumination guides the way. Whether with asymmetric or rotationally symmetric wide light distribution, the LED bollard luminaire guarantees optimal light effects with all luminaire versions. Additional protection from vandalism is provided by the possibility of a supporting column with continuous underground support.

Luminaire Type
DescriptionDecorative pillar, bollard and wall luminaire
Application AreasPedestrian zones, Arcades, Paths in parks and green areas, Residential facilities, Stairs, Access areas, Light around the house
Mounting MethodsDecorative pillar, bollard and wall luminaire
Optical System
OpticsImpact resistant PMMA tube / Optical system with Multi-Lens Technology
Light DistributionAsymmetrical light intensity distribution / Symmetrical light intensity distribution
LED System - Light Source
Light SourceLED technology
Luminous Flux700lm - 3.600lm
Connected Load20W - 36W
Luminous Efficiency80lm/W-110lm/W
Service LifeL80(tq 25 °C) = 80,000h
Light Colour3000K / 4000K
Colour Rendering IndexRa > 70
HousingLuminaire body of aluminium
Housing Options600-3500mm height
AccessoriesMounting accessories
Electrical Version
Electrical VersionET / ETDD
Certificates Standards
Protection RateIP65
Safety ClassClass II
Impact Resistance
CertificatesCE, ENEC VDE
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