• HF-Sensor, Infrared remote control for configuring luminaires with +HFS supplementary equipment. With the IR remote control - available as an accessory - the functional parameters signal strength, holding time, light value and dimming level can be adjusted. A dropping below the set brightness threshold effects the motion-independent switching on of the luminaire. Optionally, a brightness-independent operating mode can be set. An exceeding of the brightness threshold set as well as the expiration of the holding time after the last detected movement effects a switching off of the luminaire. The desired base brightness can be set at 5 levels ( 0..10..20..30..40..50 %) and its duration can be retained for a limited (1..5..10..15..30 minutes) or unlimited time until the next operating mode change. In dimmable luminaires (ETDD), the setting of a base brightness can alternatively be performed in the operating mode OFF. A dimmable luminaire with integrated HF motion sensor (ETDD +HFS) can be combined into one functional unit with up to 14 additional dimmable luminaires without integrated HF motion sensor.

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