• 40A AC load current

  • 280V AC load voltage

  • NTC sensor input

  • 0-95 °C measurement range

  • 4 digits display

  • Adjustable SET value between 0 and 60 °C

  • Adjustable hysteresis value between 3 and 31°C

  • Adjustable minimum output value between %0 and %100

  • Phase angel controlled

  • Varistor protection for peak voltages

  • CE Marked according to European Norms


Environmental Conditions
Ambient/Storage Temperature-30...+100 ºC / -25...+60 ºC
Relative Humidity80% relative humidity temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40 °C
Pollution Degree2
Overvoltage CategoryII
Protection DegreeAccording to EN 60529 IP20
HeightMax. 1000m
InputNTC sensor
Measurement Range0-95 °C
External ConnectionsScrew-terminals
Load Current, AC51/25°C (Arms)4A AC
Load Voltage (Vrms)180-280
Overload Current t=1s/25°C (Arms)150
Nonrecurrent Surge Current/25°C (Arms)400
Voltage Drop in Transmission (Vrms)1.6
Leakage Current (mArms)5
I²t Value for Fuse t=10ms (A²s)880
Frequency (Hz) (Hz)50-60
Power Factor (CosØ)>0.75
Minimum Operating Current (mArms)160
Mounting MethodWall mounting
DimensionsG46xY116xD120 mm (equipped with fan), G46xY100xD120 mm (no fan)
WeightApprox. 450g (After packing)
Enclosure MaterialSelf extinguishing plastics
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